• ruisol-Design
    Design Paths and opportunities for a more competitive and innovative creation, with better projects and processes. Aesthetic conception of several products, focusing on concepts such as material suitability, ergonomics, environmental attention and beauty.
  • ruisol-Prototypes
    Prototypes Development of prototypes to assure feasibility of products and materials, offering the customer the possibility to make changes to the product before it's production.
  • ruisol-Laser
    Laser high precision laser cutting
    Cutting of sheets of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, iron and others.
    Maximum utilization of raw materials.
    Any drawing is able to be executed.
  • ruisol-Lacquering
    Lacquering Spray painting
    HVPL and electrostatic painting.
  • ruisol-Wire Folding
    Wire Folding
    Wire Folding CNC wire deformator with automated unwinder, folder and cutter
  • ruisol-Bending
    Bending Numerical control equipment (CNC) with 3 meters of mouth, capable of working sheet metal up to 6 mm thick.
  • ruisol-Punching
    Punching Cutting iron of various configurations up to 20mm thickness
  • ruisol-blacksmithing technique
    blacksmithing technique
    blacksmithing technique Welding stations, Milling, Painting and application of sand jet, where we can carry out the most diverse works and of various dimensions.